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Finnish culture is fascinating. To get familiar with local specialities is easy, when you choose an experienced partner like we are. 

Are you interested visiting the Finland Ice Marathon in Kuopio, The Opera Festival in Savonlinna or following the foorsteps of compositor Jean Sibelius or architect and designer Alvar Aalto? 
Is your group interested in food and gastronomy? Do they want to learn about Finnish manors? We have the answers for you. 


    North Karelia is the easternmost province of Finland. Characteristic to this region are intact nature and lively Karelian traditions. Karelia still has huge wilderness areas, clear lakes and pure rivers, fresh air to breathe. For centuries  the eastern and western cultures overlapped here, and this is still noticeable today. At food culture, because you will not get the delicious Karelian specialties anywhere else in Finland. To the people who are considered lively, cheerful and happy singers. At the buildings with their many details and at the churches, here live two religions harmoniously side by side, the Evangelical-Lutheran from the west and the Orthodox from the east.


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