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Finnish culture is fascinating. To get familiar with local specialities is easy, when you choose an experienced partner like we are. 

Are you interested visiting the Finland Ice Marathon in Kuopio, The Opera Festival in Savonlinna or following the foorsteps of compositor Jean Sibelius or architect and designer Alvar Aalto? 
Is your group interested in food and gastronomy? Do they want to learn about Finnish manors? We have the answers for you. 

  • Opera Festival in Savonlinna

    Opera in the medieval castle - the Extraordinary Opera Experience

    Come and enjoy the Opera Festival in Savonlinna in the heart of Europe´s biggest lake area. Summer fills this small town with culture and music. The Unique Opera Festival takes place at Olavinlinna Castle, surrounded by a swirling channel. The main stage, framed by medieval wall, is in the courtyard of one of the proudest castles of Finland. World class singers, carefully crafted performances and the ancient walls create an atmosphere that no opera enthusiast should miss. 



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